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double talk

When I wrote the story for Double Talk, I knew that the dialog, scene and music score would be very important.

I looked for a specific restaurant where the tables are quite close. I asked myself which restaurant would work here in Lausanne, Switzerland. And I remembered a pizzeria that I enjoy, where, as you arrive, they move the tables to accommodate you. This was exactly the kind of restaurant that I was looking for. The 80’s décor hasn’t changed since it opened and I thought it would give the film that special atmosphere I was looking for.

For the music, I collaborated with a friend and we decided that a jazz influenced composition would really suit the twist of the movie!

When I was ready to cast actors, I looked for two men who could be viewed as either gay or straight. As the film unfolds, the viewer is led to believe that these men are gay until the very end. The dialog becomes incresingly unconnected and you begin questioning your belief, which leads to the unexpected twist.

As I wrote the dialog, I tried to make three different conversations that could work for three different relationships:
- A couple (a man and a woman who have been together for a few years already)
- A man trying to hit on a girl
- And of course a man hitting on another man

At different intervals, I gave hints to the viewer, by writing dialog that doesn’t make sense. And, as I geared the viewer into being surprised at the final moment, I didn’t want to film any girls before the final scene. If you watch carefully, you can see the arm of a girl sitting next to one of the guys. This is the girl who gives the kiss at the end of the movie. You can also see some lipstick on her glass at the beginning of the movie.

I wanted to create a movie that you would want to see again and again in order to catch the smallest clues and, finally to understand these clues that lead to the twist at the end.





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